I approach this project cautiously. I know it is isolation that destroys us most, and I was encouraged to begin this blog again (thank you for thinking it would be a good idea). Writing publicly is a tricky business, though. These words have a permanence and a reach that oral language lacks. Some days I write trivial things because I am sensitive to the scope of my writing. I hit a pivot point and am disgusted by the fluff I have written. Vowing to do better, I write substance and, when the pivot inevitably turns again, I think “What have I done? Have I said too much?”

I am not ready for this technological age. When I think about which platform for virtual interaction I felt most comfortable engaging with, it’s a clear choice: old school forums and message boards (still being used in some arenas, but rarely for social purposes). Unlike blogs, forums generate conversations that do not revolve around a single author. Unlike social networking websites, forums encourage longer, more substantive dialogues. Unlike instant message platforms and chatrooms, forums conversations are both organized and ongoing.

So, an experiment! I’ve created a forum, which could turn into the main attraction here. The link is on the top left and here. Let me know what you would like to see there and how I can contribute to its success. I will try to keep this page going as well, provided that I keep my neuroses at bay.