I’ve accomplished quite a bit around the house since finding out about my job earlier this week. I think knowing that I won’t have much time to devote to the house for a while starting next week added a little pressure. Our apartment was a disaster when we moved in, and we’ve been engaged in constant projects since that time. I decided that these projects should be completed by the end of summer, and the time is drawing near. Interestingly, I haven’t felt any stress about completing these projects on time since receiving the job offer. I’ve just felt a constant sense of accomplishment as I tackle major tasks each day.

Some of the projects are not at all interesting, but will drastically improved our quality of life – like finally organizing the single closet in our place, which has stored everything we haven’t decided what to do with from the day that we moved in. That was major. (High five to Ben.) Other projects are much more fun, though. We’re almost finished with our homage to Ben’s uncle Danny, who was an avid art collector and covered every inch of wall space with art. We’ve channeled his spirit in filling the wall above the staircase with our own growing collection.

From painting walls to clearing away the junk in front of our place to refinishing the coffeetable, I’ve been filling my last week of unemployment. You can tell me about your projects and what’s been filling your days over on the discussion board. I started a few topics already, so you don’t have to be the first.