Today was my second day on the job at the temple, and everyone seems very friendly. I know that I’ll have my work cut out for me there. I need to list my varied responsibilities to get a better sense of how to manage my time there once this training period ends.

I’m in the interesting position of having two jobs rolled into one. Half of my time is spent assisting the clergy with everything from Shabbat preparations to major life cycle events. The other half of my time is spent assisting the religious education director with all administrative aspects of their pre-k through 12th grade classes. Because I need to be in different locations for different projects and events, I have two corresponding desks (one in the temple and one in the connected school). I think this location factor, more than anything else, is going to make time-management tricky. Once I get to know my responsibilities a bit more, I’ll probably set days or hours at each desk and separate the work as much as I can. I’m enjoying the work so far, and I think I can grow personally and professionally as I continue. I’ll keep you updated.

My commute is long, unfortunately, but at least it is interesting. I walk or bike to the nearest bart station and take the bart into the city. Then I hop off and walk a few blocks to the bus station and catch a bus going past Chinatown toward my destination. All in all, it takes about an hour or an hour and fifteen, but I can look at all of the sights out of the window and drink my tea as I wake up, read, or catch up on phone calls. It could be better, but it could be worse.