I had a great labor day weekend. How was yours?

I thought I would have to work all weekend, but I ended up with three days off in a row. In addition, I have Wednesday off, so this week is going to fly by. I enjoy my new job, of course, but I feel like I’m finally experiencing a little bit of summer as it is coming to an end.

Saturday morning Ben bought gas for our grill, and we’ve grilled every evening since then. The neighbors have joined us each time, so we are more social than we’ve been in a month. It’s great! I had an idea for an apartment crawl and everyone is on board for that, so I foresee our social habits continuing as we move into fall.

In addition to working on the apartment (I’ve been painting again and Ben hung the bikes), we’ve taken some time to relax. On Sunday we rode our bikes to a farmers’ market, which was wonderful. They had a “barking lot” where volunteers would watch your dog while you shopped. We visited and said hello to the pups. Then we proceeded to spend all of our money on fresh stone-fruit, grapes, the last of the local grapefruit, wild looking and beautiful dahlias, wildcrafted seaweed, heirloom tomatoes, and shallots. I feel like that was a yuppie list, but I’m okay with it.

We downed some pizza at arizmendi (recommended! great bakery coop) and rode to the Berkeley marina, where we walked around and looked at the boats, the birds, and the fisher-people. The pier is longer than I expected it to be, and when you reach the end you can see that it used to be even longer before they let a section fall into disrepair. I’m interested in learning a little of its history. I feel as though you could follow it out to Treasure Island if it were intact.

Today involved more housework, but also more grilling and time showing Moshe, Helmet, and Emmer to the neighbors. I spent the weekend well.