My family is visiting this week, and I’ve been having a great time with them. I love it when family visits because I feel like I’m on vacation even if I’m working. I spend time lounging with them; we go out to eat most nights; we take time to do fun things in the city. It’s great!

Ben’s parents came on Thursday and spent two nights with us. Before they arrived, Ben and I worked like crazy to get the house in order. Because of that, I feel like the few things we still need to get done can wait and be finished at our leisure, which is nice. No more spending all of our free time working on the apartment!

My parents and aunt and uncle arrived on Saturday, at which point Ben’s parents left the East Bay for a conference in the city. Tomorrow we’ll get everyone together for dinner, and on Tuesday we’ll leave to spend a few days drinking wine in Napa before everyone heads home.