Grinnell vs. Bachman. Why am I not surprised at how this turned out?

The Occupy Wall Street Protest reminds me of the tent cities in Israel right now (I believe the primary one in Tel Aviv was just demolished after 4 months). Here is one perspective comparing the two: Both protests seem different from those which came before in that the people are protesting for many different things, promoting conversation and social change along a variety of avenues, as opposed to having a unified goal. The Israeli protest is interesting because the tent cities were high functioning communal spaces, probably helped by the fact that most of the inhabitants had served in the military at some point in their lives. Perhaps the influence of kibbutzes and Zionism helped as well (?). They had regularly scheduled public forums not just about their goals but about the issues of living together, an organized and free kitchen, classes and organized activities, …, while still directly negotiating on the housing problem and protesting any number of other social ills. This functional intentional community is missing in the Wall Street protest at this point, which may mean that the movement will be shorter lived, since the people aren’t actually living there for any length of time.

Discovered this epic comic world a month or so ago: Order of Tales.

Also discovered a new single panel comic last week. If you like Toothpaste for Dinner, you might like Three Word Phrase. Three Word Phrase is much more juvenile though. Be warned.

And some of you may have noticed that I finally bit the bullet and joined Google+. Curiousity killed the cat.