Today I went to a sukkah party and had a great time. My colleague Julie invited me to the party, which she was hosting for the Progressive Jewish Alliance. I didn’t know anybody except Julie and her family, but I enjoyed talking with all of the people I met. I also got to eat in the sukkah and shake the lulav and etrog, which are mitzvot (commandments) on Sukkot.

For the party, I baked pulla, which is a Finnish bread that I learned how to make from my friend, Martha. Martha studied in Finland, where she learned how to make this wonderful braided cardamom bread. I don’t think I’m going to type the recipe here because it is quite long (lots of rising and punching), but I recommend looking up your own version of pulla for a comforting autumn food.

My house smells amazing now. Also, I basically pulled the pulla from the oven and stuck it in my bike paneer and rode over to Julie’s, so the pulla was still hot when I set it on the table (and remained so for the 10 seconds it sat there before it was completely consumed by party-goers).