I got an Ipad for Christmas. Sweet. Now I can write blog posts on the train.

Today was pretty amazing for an unplanned day off by myself. I took care of a bunch of stuff at home. I took down our tree and all of the ornaments, started the process of returning a few gifts that didn’t work out, researched a cover for said Ipad, ate a salad with greens that I grew…. I feel like I’ve accomplished something. In addition, (because it was gorgeous out!) I took a walk to my favorite local coffeeshop and ate a delicious swiss chard and pine nut empanada outside in the sunshine. Then I walked back and found a piece of cactus that had a root system and was laying on the sidewalk, so I replanted it and it’s brightening my apartment. I looked out the window around sunset and the sky was the most regal shade of purple. The moon was huge and full and just as I looked, a flock of geese flew up toward the moon and then headed back out of view.

I knew today would rock because I wore my new beaded yellow belt and turquoise cowboy boots. Yeah, you read that right.

Speaking of southwestern things – I am still obsessed with Sante Fe. I probably think about it once an hour when I’m not at work. It’s like getting a song stuck in your head; I think I need to go there to scratch that itch.

Also, I’m still posting all of the time on the forum. I don’t know why, because no one else does. Fools.

20120107-194641.jpgTree at my mom’s house.