Trip with my mother to Yosemite in 2007

My parents are coming tomorrow and I am so excited that I can hardly express it. It’s a deep-seated excitement, located somewhere behind my heart and lungs. It doesn’t express itself wildly; it’s rooted in my core. I have been looking forward to their visit since December.

We’ll spend most of our time east of here, in the great parks of Yosemite, Sequoia, and King’s Canyon. They’ve done all of the planning, and I feel as if I should do something more than quietly waiting. On Saturday I cleaned the house and rearranged the furniture. These are the sorts of things I do when I am impatient and anticipatory and cannot still my body.

I’m buying us some food for the trip and coming up with a few restaurant suggestions for the days we’re in the city, but that hardly counts.

Restaurant suggestions are difficult for me. I don’t go out to eat too often, and when I do I tend to stick to the same few places that I know and love. I have a few ideas in San Francisco (Millennium, an amazing vegan restaurant, and Tataki sustainable sushi – both of which are more my thing than my parents’, but they’re always game), but I ought to come up with something in the East Bay. Something involving crab; I know that they will appreciate crab recommendations. And something budget friendly, which is most of what I know anyway.