Apparently, if you stick the white/root end of a green onion in water in a sunny location, the onion will grow back within a day or two. The onion will give you 4 or 5 good re-growths before the flavor and size diminish.


After learning about this trick, I immediately put it to the test, and it works like a charm. My green onions have been sitting in a wine glass that came free with a wine tasting (who wants to use the ‘Zinbitch’ wine glass at my next party? anyone?) for about two weeks now and are looking fresher and healthier than ever. I change the water every few days.


I’m considering planting them at this point because their root system is so strong. There’s no strong reason to do so, since they do well in their wine glass, but it might be a fun experiment.


I also have a leek in the glass. It hasn’t taken in quite the same way, but seems to be in better condition than it would be in the fridge. It’s also been in there for 2 weeks and hasn’t dried out at all or had any ill mold effects.