Ben just told me that he feels like he lost a day, to which I responded that we’ve actually just had two great days. He agreed, but noted sleepily that together they felt like the longest day ever. The past few days have been a blur. Let’s back up….

On Friday I worked my last day at the synagogue. Ben and I thought it over and discussed it for several months, and we decided that we could afford it and it was in my best interest. I’d like to go back to school and to get back into teaching, or at least get into something where my days aren’t quite as long (the commute made them really, really long) and I have more time for personal and professional development. I’m going to take several classes this summer and start applying for teaching positions at the local colleges, although we have savings if I don’t find something for a while. I miss taking and teaching classes. I’ve been wolfing down all of the classes that the synagogue offers and feeling unsatisfied. It feels good to be moving in the direction that I want to go in, but I also feel crazy for leaving the highest salary that I’ve had so far without any guaranteed personal source of income. Friday was awash in emotion.

Saturday Ben and I packed everything up and headed for a bike race in Reno, making a detour along the way to help our friend Justin set up for the release party for his new wine label: Isotope Wine. I highly recommend it. The chardonnay is light with a little lemon flavor and perfect for a hot day, and the Pinot Noir was also delicious. I’m very excited and happy for him. Ben pre-rode the course and we found a place to camp. The day was pretty uneventful, which is great because every time I’ve been in Nevada terrible things have happened. The state and I have a cursed relationship.

Side Note: We also sampled the first of our summer produce on Saturday morning – a perfect, delicious little strawberry. Sweet achievements.

Sunday Ben took second place in the race! Shout-out! After awards, we booked it home (through the 98 degree Central Valley) and reorganized some of our bags before heading to SFO for an overnight flight to Illinois, which is where we are now.

It’s really good to be back home right now. I was thinking of other adjectives that might describe it, but it just feels really good. We’ll be here for just under two weeks, which gives us plenty of time to see everyone and do a whole lot of nothing. It’s difficult to do nothing when you’re in your own house, mind you, and in the city rather than the countryside. The layers of stress have already peeled off of me in the few hours that I’ve been here. There’s not much to do while everyone is at work, so Ben and I sat outside and watched the birds (several cardinals, a woodpecker, a starling perhaps), took a nice bike ride past the cows and the corn and the butterflies, ate some pizza with my family, and vegged. It’s a retreat, complete with family and friends. I’m home.