Those of you who know me personally know that I fall on the OCD side of the organizational spectrum and that this can express itself in my affinity for lists. So, I was thrilled when my funny, brilliant valentine (one of my best friends from college) started her blog, The Dirty Thirty Plan, because it is actually a list disguised as a blog.

Seeing that this is a great idea, and that it will keep me blogging (and thus, keep me in touch with all of you friends far and wide), I’ve decided to create my own public Dirty Thirty list. Don’t groan. I can see you, my two readers, groaning. There will be hijinx involved, I’m sure. I’ll try to take pictures. Pictures make things much more interesting.

There are many things in life that I’m planning on doing, but I can’t tackle all of them in a year, so I’ve got to dream big while being realistic. Time and budget are factors. While I love traveling internationally, for example, I doubt I’ll be able to if I’m going to save for a house and road trip the US. I want to learn to fiddle, but lessons are expensive and if you don’t go to lessons multiple times a week, you’re pretty much just throwing money down the toilet. Okay, let’s go:

1. Spend more time with my family
2. Make a piece of art that’s killer
3. Save a half year’s salary for a house (easy peasy w/o a job!)
4. Road trip the US – coast to coast
5. Go on a bike tour
6. Take a class that I have no business taking
7. Record my family’s stories & make a family tree
8. Volunteer somewhere awesome
9. Visit the mikvah
10. Host a monthly dinner
11. Apply for graduate school
12. Get a tattoo (sorry parents!)
13. Continue working on learning Hebrew
14. Take a class geared toward the body (e.g. dance, gymnastics)
15. Find that perfect shade of red lipstick
16. Book a flight abroad
17. Spend time with my girlfriends, whom I never see
18. Borrow a bike and try out mountain biking
19. Become more of an early riser
20. Identify a handful of birds that live nearby and watch for them regularly
21. Go to a fantastic concert, talk, etc (e.g. Jazz at Yoshi’s, taping of an NPR show)
22. Get my ears pierced and buy knock-out earrings
23. Hold a weekly dance party with my neighbors, my friends, myself
24. Master a new cocktail
25. Write a book (doesn’t everyone put this on their lists?)
26. Post on this blog more – keep in touch more in general
27. Get dirty (literally) once a week – gardening, hiking, etc
28. Suggestions?
29. Suggestions?
30. Suggestions?

There will probably be a couple of easter eggs that aren’t on the list, and some private goals which likely won’t be posted. Let me know what completely awesome activity would make this list complete.