Okay, I haven’t completed any of the one-time goals on my Dirty Thirty list yet, but I have been working on the ongoing goals. Here’s the update:

Goal #1: Spend more time with the fam

I set myself up to succeed with this one. I had the flight booked a month ago. Ben and I just got back from spending almost two weeks in Illinois with my family, which was fantastic. I was also pleased that Ben was able to spend that amount of time out there, getting to know my family and my home better than he could if he spent a lifetime of 3-day Christmas trips there with me.

Spending time with my uncle Barney and my grandparents is high on my list right now, and I was able to get in a long afternoon with Barn and several trips to my grandparents’ house.

Barney is 90 now, sharp as a tack, working three days a week, and not taking any meds. Ben says that he hopes he’ll be half as sharp as Barney when he is Barney’s age. I always counter that I hope that tomorrow I’ll be half as sharp as Barney is now. Over lunch, he told us several stories of my grandmother Susan Jane and Susan Jane’s sister (Barney’s late wife) Polly. Both were adopted as children from the local hospital, which must have had an orphanage attached because they were grown children who had been living at the hospital for years. I already know that Susan Jane and Polly were incredible women; Polly is a role-model for me, and Susan Jane was a musical prodigy. Both had blood relatives that lived in town. Both were told by kids at school or people in town that they were adopted, although this was not discussed (and perhaps denied) at home. How odd must it have been to see your blood relatives on the street of your small town in that situation? My grandmother died when my father was a toddler, and he one day saw her blood sister in the grocery store and mistook her as his mother, calling out to her. Polly and Barney and my grandfather later became acquainted with Susan Jane’s blood sister and Barney noted how similar their mannerisms were – how they would tilt their heads in the same way, how they looked behind the wheel of a car.

Goal #19: Early Bird Gets the Worm

I’ve gotten up with Ben (which is earlier than I normally would get up) both yesterday and today. And yesterday was my birthday! I think I’m going to have to start going to bed earlier if this is to continue indefinitely.

Goal #23: Weekly Dance Party

First dance party of the year took place this week to the Marmoset Song. It was a solo dance party. I’m guessing that will be the case the majority of the time. I will update these weekly or monthly goals with a number next to the list at left, for accountability.

Goal #27: Get Dirty

Yesterday I transplanted my peppers to a different raised bed where they will hopefully do better and I watered everything, managing to get dirty and completely soaked in the process. It was abnormally hot out that day, so I was quite happy getting sprayed by the garden hose as I wrangled with it. Almost all of my plants are thriving, thanks to my neighbors who took care of them while I was away. I need to buy a basil plant, though. I started basil from seed and it really hasn’t taken, which is unfortunate since basil and summer meals are almost synonymous.