May I gripe for a moment? This morning when I tried plugging in, Firefox forced me to install it’s newest version. Fine, whatever. I install the thing and it replaces my older version of the program, naturally. I click the icon to open the browser and it informs me that this version of Firefox is incompatible with my dinosaur of a mac operating system. Well, maybe sabertooth of an OS. It’s not really a dinosaur, but it’s definitely extinct, as I was rudely reminded of this morning. Now, not only can I not use the version of Firefox forced on me, but I also can’t use the older version because it was written over. Thankfully I had another web browser squirrelled away among my programs or it would have been a bigger pain. As it was, Firefox help pages were directing people like me to post to their help forum, and then not allowing anyone not running the latest version of Firefox to create the log-in necessary for posting to said forum. Fricking geniuses. And all of the links that Mozilla gave people in the forums to download older versions of Firefox did not work. I had to download the old version off of a bootleg site. Unbelievable. When I do get a new operating system, I’m switching browsers to Chrome.