We have a room just for sitting in now. A right and proper sitting room. When Ben’s grandmother passed away, we inherited several amazing pieces of art, two beautiful chairs, an end table, and some odds and ends (primarily kitchen items and costume jewelery). Ben’s parents have been storing them for us since last year, and they just brought everything out. Look at these classy chairs:

New chairs


Across from the black chairs is our credenza, or whatever you call those pieces of furniture which store teacups and candles and things like that, and the aviator.

The Aviator is downstairs

We brought the aviator downstairs

We’ve already used the space a ton in the past week, especially with so many people visiting. We basically had some unused space before, and now we’re making the most out of our whole apartment. It’s only taken us a year to figure out how to get things set up. 😛