Fruit in the house

This is just some of the fruit we have in the house right now, and our fruit bowl looks a lot like this every week.

One of my favorite things about living in California is the abundance of avocados available. See you later, Midwest! We just got a whole bag of baby avocados for a buck fifty and I’m not goin’ back.

I’ve discovered a new super-simple and delicious lunch: avocado toast. I just take a half an avocado, mash it onto two pieces of bread, toast it in the toaster oven, and garnish it with some fancy salt or maybe some red pepper flakes. This time I used balsamic salt and devoured the toast in about two seconds, before I even thought of letting you guys know about it. Hence the lack of pictures. You could toast the bread and then mash on some avocado if you don’t have a toaster oven, but warm avocado is really good. This may replace garlic bread and/or grilled cheese as one of my staples. Or it might just be a welcome addition to the mix of lazy Lisa lunches.