It’s been a year and some odd months, and we finally have a decent looking bathroom. It’s still a rental bathroom, but we’ve transformed it from a dirty, vanilla prison box to something a bit more pleasant.

Move-In Pictures

You may remember our vanilla box from our move-in photos, complete with empty toilet paper roll and previous tenants hair all over. Nastygrams. Great tile, minus the paint splotches. Prison mirror above our freestanding sink with exposed u-tube not shown. You also can’t really see that the doorknob was covered in really horrible yellow and green pastel paint from previous paint jobs. God only knows what those bathroom iterations were like.

It took us forever to figure out what to do in here on a renter’s budget, mainly because of the humidity. Our bathroom does not have very good ventilation. Factor in that it’s an ugly rental bathroom with zero shelving or cabinetry and that it is pretty tiny, and we were left with a design dilemma. We painted and installed the mirrors months ago and that improved it in a big way. I also splurged on a nice cloth shower curtain at the C&B outlet. No art though.

No, it isn’t a spa (I wish). It’s a Star Wars bathroom!

The movie poster I salvaged from childhood is much larger than I realized. It really dominates the space. I debated whether to purchase a black or silver frame. Ben decided on silver, because silver spoke more toward the Empire. Silver doorknob too, installed when we could no longer stand our yellow, green, and gold friend. If I had a million dollars I would get these skull or gun doorknobs. Amazing. They belong in my fantasy world.

The lithographs may get switched out; we have quite a few and these are the ones we had up in our last place.

There are a few other changes we’ve made which aren’t shown. My mom bought us a great bathroom rug this summer, and I bit the bullet and just moved our magazine rack into the room. Is that weird or trashy? We read magazines in the bathroom much more often than we do in the living room, and I was sick of them piling up on the back of the toilet. Tell me it’s weird. I know it is. Whatever. You know you’ve got some on the toilet or hidden under the sink.

We also swapped out our garbage for a compost bin (actually a spittoon from Ben’s grandmother – awesome). I realized that almost all of our bathroom trash was compostable. Most of it is wadded up tissues, hair (a little gross, but let’s be honest), q-tips, dried lettuce that our bearded dragon turned up his nose at, and tp rolls. All dry compost. Time to stop bagging it. It’s worked really well so far.