Because I like the format, ease of use, and knowledge that big brother knows all, I use google calendar for my personal and work life. We all need a system, and this one happens to be my favorite. Ben doesn’t use it, though, and he asked me to create a calendar to go on the fridge so that we could be on the same page about upcoming events. My inner-organizer was overjoyed and I set to work.

For the first few months, I had the daily happenings on the right side, while the left was reserved for a sketch to brighten it up, the list of produce in season that month, the top two things on our to-do list, and whatever natural or cultural happening we didn’t want to miss. We never did fill in the sketch section, and we didn’t really need the seasonal produce list, so this time I took those out and put in our list of monthly chores. I know, it sucks, right? But we both agreed that a list might hold us accountable and help us get things done.

I print out about three months at a time on heavy cardstock, so they look nice. I change the days of the week each month, for accuracy, which only takes me a minute. The system has worked pretty well so far. Each space has room for about 2 activities, and you can’t really fit in more than 2 major events each day anyway. The Don’t Miss section reminds us to set aside time for specific things that don’t have dates set in stone, like going to a particular exhibit at a museum or seeing the elephant seals battle for their harems. The Top Priority section helps us accomplish the most pressing things on our to-do list without feeling overwhelmed and/or getting distracted by the entire list. In the Chores section, too, the key is not getting overwhelmed or distracted. I list some of our chores twice if they are supposed to be done twice in the month. I don’t list chores that we do without prompting, like wiping down the kitchen, laundry, taking out the recycling, etc.

I don’t know if this is helpful or not, but I put a template on google docs so you can use it:

Calendar Template