On our last date, I took Ben up to Sebastapol, CA and the surrounding area to do a bunch of autumn activities before the rainy season started. We went to a great corn maze and pumpkin patch. The maze took us well over an hour. It was really fun and challenging. Highly recommended. We proceeded north and walked around downtown Sebastapol. We popped some Primus into our stereo, as Les Claypool has a wine tasting bar located in an old train car in town. It was closed when we went, so we’ll have to go back. There’s also a tea and chocolate shop in town which looked like the real deal. We walked down Florence Avenue, where each yard boasts a large sculpture by artist Patrick Amiot (check out the bee picture below, or more here).

In the afternoon we hit Walker Apples. We followed a windy, one lane dirt road with little signs nailed to trees and arrived at a shelter filled with farm equipment and bins of apples. A man in his 80s or so was listening to the ball game on the radio. Without saying anything, he picked up a specimen of each apple variety, cut off the exposed piece and tossed it in a bucket, and handed us the next slice to try. He told us the prices and handed us a box when we said we’d like a half bushel. We loaded it up ourselves and took off with our treasure of Northern Spies and the like. We combined the apples with some strong jack cheese and a loaf of bread for the best picnic ever and topped off the day with a beer at a festive local bar. Cheers to autumn!