In late October two of my friends were married after many years of dating, cohabiting, and raising a rock star little boy together. Ben and I met up with our friends, Joe and Christina, and drove out to rural Missouri to celebrate with the bride and groom. Awesomesauce.

Our friends, Amy and the Doctor

I don’t have pictures of our delightful drive through Kansas, but I can say that we stopped at Boulevard Brewing Co. and hit their tasting room. Note: You need to book a tour in order to do a tasting and you need to book this tour several months out. We didn’t know this and they were nice enough to make an exception for us since we were on the doorstep and had traveled so far. Thanks Boulevard! My favorites were Bob’s Tank 7 and the Bully Porter. We ended up buying a sampler case and one from their seasonal smokestack series (the Nomo, which was also great) for the weekend.

Getting to spend some quality time with Joe and Christina rocked. Our hotel had adult swim which also rocked. Moreover, we cooked and partied all weekend.

The wedding:


Brooke and Andy are awesome people, and part of the reason we were so determined to attend was because we knew their wedding would be a unique and fun experience, never to be repeated. Let me get to the point: it was a costume wedding, y’all. The ceremony was short and sweet in a local park. Their son Squire was an adorable ring bearer. Brooke looked beautiful in a thrift store wedding gown, and Andy cleaned up too. Afterward everyone changed into their costumes and went to the reception hall, which was decorated with Halloween decorations, tie-dye, and glowsticks. We had made a bunch of monster finger cookies, blood vials (vodka and juice shots), hard cider, etc and there were several delicious soups for dinner.


The best part was that almost everyone dressed up. It was the biggest costume party I’ve been to in ages. Ben and I went as Frida Kahlo and her self-portrait. Joe and Christina went as Doctor Who and Amy. Andy and Brooke went as Frankenstein and the bride of Frankenstein, for obvious reasons. I am lame and was too busy dancing to take any pictures of them, but Brooke’s hair stood straight up. She actually had a water bottle hidden inside for support. Amazing.

A self-portrait in action

It was a pretty great little trip. We had a bonfire, carved pumpkins, chilled in kitchens and partied in that mellow way that only happens in small towns. The wedding couple is off in Cambodia and we’re back to our busy lives.

Finger Cookies