First of all, I’ve been obsessively reading a collection of short stories about the Machine of Death. You can download the book as a free ebook, which is what I have done, but I’m considering buying hard copies of both this book and the sequel, This is How You Die, which includes my friend Ian’s story. Ian, you are amazing. Seriously.

These other things are nowhere near as cool, but… Model-Morphosis

Email Habits. I already treat my email in a similar way, but there is always room for improvement.

A great video on not using the word ‘gay’ pejoratively.

I sometimes feel like expressing political commentary this way too.

Dancing Geckos!

And this story, reminding us that humans are wild animals. (Note: If I were in this situation, I would say to Ben, “Hey, let’s walk the Great Wall together.” Maybe I’m not so wild.)