As the title of this post suggests, last week I went to the San Francisco Public Library’s book sale. I’ve been there once before, and it was pure goodness, so I was excited to go again. I dragged Ben and he found some things too. Picture a giant warehouse filled with tables of books, with boxes of more books under the tables. All of the books that people donate over the past 6 months, ready for me to sift through, and loosely organized by genre. $3 for hardcovers, $2 for paperbacks.

Here are my finds, so you can celebrate with me:

4 new field guides: the night sky, eastern birds, ferns, and butterflies.

1 cookbook (China: The beautiful cookbook)

3 natural science books: Darwin’s The Voyage of the Beagle, a book on ravens, and one on snakes

Stephen King’s Gunslinger series for Ben. I’ll reread them too. I read them in junior high. (4 books)

A nicely bound edition of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass

1 book in my new field: Cohen’s From the Maccabees to the Mishnah


2 bartending books, including the prize of the collection: The South American Gentleman’s Companion: Being an Exotic Drinking Book or, Up & Down the Andes with Jigger, Beaker, & Flask.

Hooray for book sales! Now I need to make some room on my bookshelf.