Our first taste of the redwoods was at Humboldt. The avenue of the giants was beautiful to drive through, and made the most of our single day there. The founders grove is quite touristy, but still a lovely introduction. I’m glad that we saw it first rather than last, since our reception of it would have changed for the worse if it were the other way around.


The redwoods are just about impossible to capture with a camera. These were around 360 feet tall. The branches start about halfway up. So you’re looking at the first 175 feet.

20130326_095902 20130326_125644

This little guy above is a British soldier lichen. Can you see his red hat?



We took a scenic drive from Humboldt up to Eureka by way of Petriola and Ferndale. It was lovely, and it afforded us an opportunity to go tide pooling again. These tidal pools were crab cities. Every rock had crabs underneath; the bigger ones sheltering well over a dozen.

20130326_140759 20130326_151637I moved a rock looking for crabs and instead found this guy. Look at this eel! What an incredible find.


20130326_181118 Ben is standing in Trinidad in this shot. The view from this town is stunning. It overlooks a little bay filled with fishing boats. We stopped at Katy’s Smokehouse (twice) for smoked fish. Worth every penny. We ate smoked sturgeon along with our apple mixture (haroset), peanut butter cookies, and cheddar or manchego every morning thereafter.20130327_075701Camping next to this great clam beach. Ben found broken sand dollars in the morning. I slept in. 20130326_152309Castles in the water.