Even though we spent two or three days in Redwood National Park (the longest we spent anywhere), we needed much more time there. We could’ve used a few days at Patrick’s Point State Park, for example, and that’s before we even hit Redwood. Patrick’s Point is known for its spruce trees and its agate beaches. We spent a morning walking the beach, collecting our favorite agates and skipping the smoother ones.

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All of the above are at Patrick’s Point. After that, we stopped by the visitors center and got a permit for the Tall Trees Grove. Permits are free, but limited to the first fifty people each day. The grove takes about an hour to drive to and then you have to hike a few miles down to it, although the hike is part of the experience. I particularly enjoyed the privacy that the grove offered. I’m glad it is on a permit system. In the spring, I’m sure that they never run out of permits. The extra step of having to get the permit probably deters many from going, though. The grove was so quiet that we ran into four deer who looked at us, then continued to eat at the base of the trees. We sat on the trail and watched them for 20 minutes.

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