There’s no better time to post to the blog than when I have a ten page paper looming over me.

Friday Ben and I hosted our first dinner party in our new space. All of the art is on the walls and the boxes are unpacked, so it was time. The party was a big success! We aimed high and expected 15, but 4 cancelled at the last minute because it’s flu season and a busy time at school, so we ended up with 11. In planning for the party, I discovered that we can seat 20 people comfortably at tables (and even more if needed), plus we have seating on couches, etc. I don’t know how we ended up with so many chairs, but we are prepared for some major shindigs. In the event that a flashmob descends on our apartment, it will not be a problem.

Ben made most of the food for this party, and it was all delicious. Black beans, platanos maduros, butternut squash, and salad. I made guava pasteles for dessert. We forgot to take pictures of our amazing friends, but here are a few Ben snapped of me making the pasteles.

And… it’s back to work. Type type type.