A belated announcement

Do you know of those situations where a person keeps something major to him or herself for good reason, and then time passes and the news can be shared but it seems like it happened so long ago, and it was downplayed so much that it doesn’t seem major after all. Life has moved along and the person is busy with other things and the news is no longer news. It is old hat.

That very thing just happened to me this spring, and then one of my friends emailed to say that he hoped to visit us in August and I realized that I never shared my news and I actually better do that now.

The news is that I was accepted into three PhD programs (yes, I am tooting my own horn) and I accepted the offer from Emory. Ben and I are moving to Atlanta at the end of July (the perfect time to move furniture in Atlanta, I’m sure).

So now you know the news!

The PhD is in the graduate department of religion. The department is divided into tracks, and I will be in the Jewish Religious Cultures track, although I will work closely with faculty in the Ethics and Society track as well. In fact, with my interest in identity, ethics, and community, I imagine I will be working with faculty in history, philosophy, Jewish studies, and the center for ethics in addition to those in my home department. I interviewed with eight faculty in several different departments when I visited in February. Funding is great, the students are engaged, and the faculty seem at once warm and on-task/formidable (of course, I met them in the context of interviewing for my position). I think it will be a great fit.

I’m finishing my last semester at the Graduate Theological Union now, and I will be taking an intensive biblical Hebrew class in July. In the meantime, Ben and I are looking for apartments and getting all of our affairs in order to, once again, move across the country. The other night Alex, Ximena, Ben, and I averaged out our respective moves since we each turned 18. I averaged once per year. Ugh. Hopefully we’ll find a great place in Atlanta and not box anything up again for five years.

My life. (Thanks Kian!)


June links

I haven’t been posting many updates, but Ben and I are keeping busy. Ben is documenting it all with his fancy phone. You can stalk me on facebook.

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Exodus 2013: Patrick’s Point and the Tall Trees Grove

Even though we spent two or three days in Redwood National Park (the longest we spent anywhere), we needed much more time there. We could’ve used a few days at Patrick’s Point State Park, for example, and that’s before we even hit Redwood. Patrick’s Point is known for its spruce trees and its agate beaches. We spent a morning walking the beach, collecting our favorite agates and skipping the smoother ones.

20130327_111548 20130327_112925 20130327_112750 20130327_113647 20130327_113648

All of the above are at Patrick’s Point. After that, we stopped by the visitors center and got a permit for the Tall Trees Grove. Permits are free, but limited to the first fifty people each day. The grove takes about an hour to drive to and then you have to hike a few miles down to it, although the hike is part of the experience. I particularly enjoyed the privacy that the grove offered. I’m glad it is on a permit system. In the spring, I’m sure that they never run out of permits. The extra step of having to get the permit probably deters many from going, though. The grove was so quiet that we ran into four deer who looked at us, then continued to eat at the base of the trees. We sat on the trail and watched them for 20 minutes.

20130327_150610 20130327_150528 20130327_151112 20130327_152809 20130327_153653 20130327_140938 20130327_141217 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Exodus 2013: Humboldt Redwoods to Trinidad

Our first taste of the redwoods was at Humboldt. The avenue of the giants was beautiful to drive through, and made the most of our single day there. The founders grove is quite touristy, but still a lovely introduction. I’m glad that we saw it first rather than last, since our reception of it would have changed for the worse if it were the other way around.


The redwoods are just about impossible to capture with a camera. These were around 360 feet tall. The branches start about halfway up. So you’re looking at the first 175 feet.

20130326_095902 20130326_125644

This little guy above is a British soldier lichen. Can you see his red hat?



We took a scenic drive from Humboldt up to Eureka by way of Petriola and Ferndale. It was lovely, and it afforded us an opportunity to go tide pooling again. These tidal pools were crab cities. Every rock had crabs underneath; the bigger ones sheltering well over a dozen.

20130326_140759 20130326_151637I moved a rock looking for crabs and instead found this guy. Look at this eel! What an incredible find.


20130326_181118 Ben is standing in Trinidad in this shot. The view from this town is stunning. It overlooks a little bay filled with fishing boats. We stopped at Katy’s Smokehouse (twice) for smoked fish. Worth every penny. We ate smoked sturgeon along with our apple mixture (haroset), peanut butter cookies, and cheddar or manchego every morning thereafter.20130327_075701Camping next to this great clam beach. Ben found broken sand dollars in the morning. I slept in. 20130326_152309Castles in the water.